Great Outdoors

·ART is landscape is art
·Brass Façade
·Geometric Green Wall
·saltwater pool
·Drought-tolerant gardens

This residence is a case study for indoor-outdoor living. Landscape as art; Art as landscape. Outdoors, the 9,700-square-foot lot includes five various but connected seating areas completed by meadows of fescue grass and gorgeous drought-tolerant gardens. 

Sunlight intentionally bounces off a 21-foot-tall perforated brass façade at the main entrance; a tranquil saltwater pool is flanked by a 36-foot-long abstract green wall. Upstairs, patios boast wall cut-outs that poetically frame sections of the sky. A rich, varied textured palette throughout sports subdued colours and artisan-crafted details as a symbolic nod to the five elements (even referenced in the names of plants such as "firesticks").